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Many countries have a Copyright Act that automatically protects the copyright of works (e.g. literature, science, or art) from the moment the work is created, on the condition that the work in question is an original work. As the author or creator, you determine what happens with your work.


How do you protect your rights during creation?

How can you prove that the credit for a Work is yours?

How do you prove when a Work was (partially) created?

We are a copyright witnessing service that helps to protect unique artistic works against global copyright theft. We provide authors/creators a way to prove that designs, notes, photos, education material, software source codes, draft versions, and the final version of a Work existed on a given time & date, without having to submit the actual content to our servers. This registration can serve as prima facie evidence to provide corroborative support of rightful ownership in cases of infringement, plagiarism, or other copyright disputes.

You can register your work at any time. Registrations are most effective when done prior to releasing your work into the public domain, e.g. social media and websites such as: Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Instagram, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

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